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Questions about tcg.goodgames or how we purchase singles? Check out these articles for frequently asked questions.

Good Games grading guidelines

Learn more about how we grade our singles

Market Pricing for Trading Card Games

Good Games is a business that exists in the collectible market, which means we will follow the market price for a majority of our products.

How do I sell cards to Good Games?

Learn more about selling cards to Good Games

How to use our Deck Builder

Learn more about the Deck Builder and how to purchase a decklist quickly.

How do I pickup from stores?

Good Games offers free store pick up from our network of stores across Australia.

Banlist Guarantee

Good Games offer a Banlist Guarantee for peace of mind when purchasing from us.

Do you offer a grading or authentication service?

Learn more about grading or authentication at Good Games

My order hasn't shipped and its been more than 2 business days

Has your order been delayed beyond the expected time? A couple of things to check first

Does Good Games buy TCG products

Learn about how to sell your older TCG products to Good Games.

Prices are out of date or different

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