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Banlist GuaranteeUpdated a year ago

Good Games offer a Banlist Guarantee for peace of mind when purchasing from us.

If you purchase a card and it is banned up to 14 days afterwards, you may return the card to us for a full refund of store credit within 30 days of the ban announcement. 

Alternatively, we will offer a partial refund in store credit if you prefer to keep the card. The new price will be set 7 days after the announcement. 

Return shipping costs will need to be covered by the buyer; we advise customers to use registered post with tracking for peace of mind, as we may not be able to help if the package goes missing. This offer is only available for cards bought through our online store.

Please note that this policy is only applicable to:

  • Magic the Gathering
  • Flesh and Blood (excludes Living Legend bans)

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