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Good Games grading guidelinesUpdated a month ago

Good Games TCG grades are aligned to the industry standard in order to ensure whether you are buying or selling to us there are no surprises.

Near Mint (NM)

Near Mint cards are considered "pack fresh", meaning they are the same condition as if they were just opened from a booster. The card will retain its surface sheen, and have no visible imperfections except under close inspection.

Lightly Played (LP) / Slightly Played (SP)

Lightly Played cards are those that have been gently treated, but have some small defects. This includes minor edge/corner wear, minor surface clouding, small scratches or indents. Factory damage like roller marks or indents will cap the card at LP condition. 

Moderately Played (MP)

Cards with noticeable wear on edges/corners/surface will fall into the MP category. This includes significant border whiting, moderate creasing including shuffle warping, heavy surface clouding. 

Heavily Played (HP) / Damaged

HP/Damaged cards will show severe wear on edges/corners/surface. Widespread whiting, creases, scuffing, as well as water damage, inking, and dirt buildup all contribute to a card being placed in the HP/Damaged category.

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