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My order hasn't shipped and its been more than 2 business daysUpdated a month ago

Has your order been delayed beyond the expected time? A couple of things to check first:

  • Does your order contain any products from unreleased sets that are on preorder? 

    We can't ship products and singles until the prerelease date for these sets.

  • Has it been two business days since your order? 

    The Good Games TCG team works Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 6:00pm in Sydney, NSW to ship your orders. This means NSW public holidays apply to our schedule, as Australia Post does not pick up on those days.
    Orders made after 2pm are considered to be from the next working day.

To receive an update on your order, please check your "My Account" on our website, or contact our friendly customer service team via [email protected], or via the chat option on the bottom right.

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