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How do I track my order?Updated a year ago

Your order can be tracked in a variety of ways

  • Login to your account by visiting our website and entering your details on the top right. Once in your account dashboard, switch to "My Orders" on the left then find your order in the list. Your tracking number will be available with a link to the carrier.

  • Visit your order summary page. You can find this by checking your email for the new order email we send to you when you make an order from us.

  • You are sent an order shipment email when your order is shipped. This contains all the details needed to track your order.

  • Contact us using one of the options below and we will look it up for you!

  • Your order may be untracked if its a TCG singles shipment order less than $50.00. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery to metro and regional parts of Australia, and four weeks for remote.

Please note Good Games runs two separate websites, and, make sure you are logging into the right website! 

You can find out which site you ordered from by referring to your order number. #GG orders are from while #GGTCG orders are from

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